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Author Leslie Tate interviewed the ultra-talented Kelly Moneymaker.  Here is an excerpt from the interview..

“I interviewed Alaskan singer/songwriter Kelly Moneymaker.  Kelly is a deeply musical soul, having shared stages and collaborated with Todd Rundgren, Diana Ross, George Clinton, Keith Urban and Ringo Starr. Her band ‘In the Black’ have similar musical CVs, having played with Tower of Power, Hugh Laurie, Macy Gray and Tom Jones

Leslie: What were the key stages in developing and maturing your voice?

Kelly: When I was two years old, my mom thought she’d left the radio on and then discovered I was singing. Music was my natural form of expression, which is good because I can’t draw a decent stick-person. I think the best way to develop your style is to just get out there and do it. You learn the do’s and don’ts along the way. I’ve found helpful information about my voice through illness during touring or recording. The show must go on and you find a new way around any and all obstacles. Raw feeling is what draws me to the artists I enjoy listening to. I try to convey all that gets “stirred up” when I’m singing, which is why I love the emotive mix of rock/funk/soul/blues and the stories of folk/country.”







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