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I first heard of Steve Strange when I was 13 years old and I was too young to have gone to his famous club nights in Soho. The music that became synonymous with those club nights, wasn’t even the music I was particularly into, but if you read Smash Hits! or any of the other music magazines or papers at that time, there was no doubting Steve’s influence on the popular culture of the early 80’s.

Many many years later, I found myself working with Steve on the promotion of the Visage album Hearts and Knives. We became friends and that friendship lasted until his sad and untimely death.

Steve told me numerous tales about his adventures as a music, fashion and club icon, these stories always gave me a good chuckle.

There have been hundreds of articles written about Steve since last week, but hear is my personal favourite from the Louder than War website.


Here is one of the last inteviews that Steve did while promoting the Visage Orchestral album at the end of 2014.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02hf084 starts at 1 hour 26 minutes


Steve with Radio 2’s Ken Bruce (at the recording of The Tracks of My Years feature)

Ellis Wayman

Lime Jam PR